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We make custom cake pop stands

  Let us help make your event or business a hit. Working Widget Technology can custom design and build Cake Pop Stands to your exacting needs. Square, Round, custom colors or case displays.


Get Your Own Cake Pop Stand

Tired of wasting money on foam blocks?
Looking for an attractive and secure way to transport your delicate confections?
Surprise that special baker with a unique and thoughtful gift?

Cake Pops are a new and fun twist on traditional cupcakes. Cake pops are miniature cake mixture covered in a chocolate or colored candy melts and decorated into fun shapes for holidays or parties. Working Widget Technology has developed this unique stand to help make your baking adventure a hit. This stand holds 12 pops, perfect for organizing during decorating or transporting your pops to your next event. To learn more about cake pops check out these links: instructables.com.

Cake Pop Stand used for Decorating Hold And Organize Your Cake Pops While Decorating

Many people who work with Cake Pops use foam blocks or makeshift holders from pegboard to hold their pops. Foam blocks are light and can topple over damaging all your hard work. Peg board is hard to clean and not always a good fit.

Working Widget Technology developed this cake pop stand as a sturdy, easy-to-clean stand to hold and protect your decorated cake pops. Its weight combined with rubber feet keep it firmly planted to your work surface protecting your work from toppling or sliding off the table.

Share Your Cake Pops With Family And Friends

Cake Pops are a great sweet treat sure to put a smile on anyones face, but they dont stand upright well on their own. Use our Cake Pop Stand to make sure your cake pops arrive safely at the party! The glass-green acrylic stand beautifully and securely carries and displays your work, showcasing your baking and decorating skills.


Cake Pop Stand displayed in family kitchen
Custom text engraved into cake pop stand Give the Baker in Your Life a Unique and Personal Gift

These great stands can be personalized with a special message from you. For a nominal upcharge we will replace our logo on the stand with a special message from you. You will get 2 lines of 25 characters per line to leave a personal message on your cake pop stand.

If you are looking for a special shape or different color, give us a call or send an email. We specialize in creating custom and unique products for our customers.